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Jenison - Who Are We?

We are the UK publisher and, more importantly, owner of high quality off-the-shelf elearning resources, learning management tools and rapid content authoring.

All of our elearning resources are designed to develop the knowledge and skills of employees and in turn improve the overall effectiveness of the organisation.

The resources can be deployed via Jenison’s hosted learning management system, CheckPoint, or via the client’s existing LMS, while clients can meet their in-house authoring requirements using Perform, our rapid authoring tool.

How can Jenison work for me?

Whether you need a single course title to support, for instance, a traditional classroom training session, through to ensuring a large dispersed workforce are provided with a comprehensive suite of titles, Jenison can provide you with the solution you require. Real examples of how our management resources are currently being used by organisations across the public and private sector include:

The learning outcomes in the resources have been mapped to the requirements contained in a multi-tiered competency or behaviour framework. Read more about courseware.
All the resources meet SCORM 1.2 standards and are often provided to clients to be imported and populated onto their existing Learning Management System. Recent examples include a telecoms provider using the resources on Cornerstone On Demand, and a bank using the resources on SABA and travel company on Edvantage. Read more about us
Whether delivered using a mobile device, tablet or delivered at an employee’s work-station, our Express Series of online training is simple to use and designed to deliver key learning objectives in quick, bite-sized sessions. Read more about Express
Delivering training online has never been simpler! Launch courses, run reports, assign courses and perform a variety of other administrative functions - all seamlessly integrated into one easy to use hub. Read more about CP4
Our fully interactive resources are designed and published by us, right here in the UK. Our online learnng content is specifically geared towards a UK audience and benefits from leading UK voice audio. Read more about Jenison
Our Microsoft Office online training resources are used by organisations to help ensure their employees are confident using the full-range of features and tools the Office 2003 to Office 2010 applications have on offer. The results in an empowered work-force and a siginificatn reduction in help desk calls. Read more about Office courseware
Perform is our very own rapid authoring tool, allowing you to create your own industry specific resources both quickly and easily. Perform is suitable for users of all ability level, from experienced courseware designers to first-time users. Read more about Perform

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